Throbbing…sharp or shooting pains…intense “gripping” pain…or even a dull, constant aching…all describe a painful headache.  Although there are many kinds of headaches and reasons for them, one thing is clear: headaches can be troublesome, and at times, debilitating. What has not been fully appreciated are the results that could be obtained through skillful chiropractic care in the treatment of headaches.

A small percentage of headaches are dangerous – which is why medical specialists should evaluate headaches. Most, however, are simply painful and distracting. Causes can include genetic, psychological, neurological vascular and environmental factors – not to mention “somatic” causes or those arising from the musculoskeletal system. In fact, the importance of considering restricted motion in the muscles, joints, back or neck as a potent source of headaches (including migraines) is only now being recognized by the traditional medical community. As a result, a simple and treatable musculoskeletal cause easily cared for by a chiropractor may be overlooked or even wrongly diagnosed by other types of medical practitioners.

Your doctor of chiropractic is skilled in providing expert care for your neck and back – which are often associated with certain types of headaches. This is most often accomplished through a chiropractic “adjustment”. An adjustment is designed to achieve several objectives: to decrease muscle spasm (which causes pain) and to help restore normal mobility to the affected area. The increases mobility is believed to promote circulation. This in turn aids in the proper nutrition of the joints and spine, thereby decreasing irritation, inflammation and pain.

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