Sciatica is severe pain caused by the irritation or compression of one of the nerve roots of the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the human body. Sciatica may be the result of cumulative traumas. sharp movement, a strenuous attempt to lift something, or a jolt caused by such things as a violent coughing or sneezing episode. The pain is felt in the buttocks, frequently reaching as far as the thigh, calf, and even down to the sole of the foot.

The compression occurs at the lower end of the spinal column, one of the most vulnerable areas of the back. The compression may be caused by many structures, for example: muscles, bone, disc, etc. Because this is a structural problem, a structural solution works best, as opposed to a chemical solution such as painkillers. Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in the structure of the human body. A chiropractor identifies the subluxation causing the pain and then adjusts and corrects the vertebral disturbances. The source of the irritation is thus eliminated and the pain disappears.

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