Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a powerful force. Like the sudden, sharp snap of a whip, it hurls your head backwards (hyperextension) and forward (hyperflexion), injuring your neck. A car accident, sports injury, or simply a push from behind – all can cause a whiplash injury. You can also have “hidden whiplash”, since symptoms don’t always appear right away. Chiropractors are spine specialists uniquely trained to diagnose and treat whiplash, relieve its symptoms, and help prevent more serious injuries from developing.

Your head is delicately balanced on the top of your neck, held by fragile structures. The snapping motion of whiplash damages your neck, upsetting its balance. Then your neck can’t easily move or support your head. A wide array of symptoms may follow in the wake of whiplash: neck and shoulder pain, headache, stiffness, or dizziness. If left untreated, more serious problems may develop.

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